The most important feature of Työmyyrä ERP is its very high automation level, which results in amazing speed and ease of use: An invoice can be produced with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks!

Wellcome to Datamyyrä's internet base!

Työmyyrä ERP is our fourth complete software package and the first one to be offered to a wider public. We started doing software in mid 1980's. The current feature set has been originally developed on one hand for Fototekniset Oy, one of the most respected importers and distributors of professional photographic equipment in Finland. They have suppliers all over the world and customers in Finland and neighbouring countries, and they also run a repair shop to maintain and repair photographic equipment. On the other hand, the development has been targeted for Hobby-Kustannus Oy, the publishers of Pienoismalli, the leading model hobby magazine in Finland. They have magazine subscribers and book suppliers and customers all over the world. From the very beginning it was important for both users to have English language properties in the software, in addition to Finnish.
We wholeheartedly recommend Fototekniset's products for any professional photographer and Pienoismalli-magazine for any Finnish-speaker interested in modelling hobbies.

We also have several other pilot customers, who have helped us remarkably in developing the features and quality of Työmyyrä ERP.

By the way, Työmyyrä means literally "Work mole", and more fluently translated "Eager Beaver" - always ready to help!

Language support
Työmyyrä ERP is designed to support several languages. Currently it supports Finnish and English, and also partly - some 50 % - French (the rest of the French interface is still in English). 
The language of the user interface (and reports for internal use) can be changed for each workstation separately, "on the fly", depending on the user's need.
The language of the outward bound reports (quotations,invoices, reminders, quotation requests, purchase orders etc.) is set automatically depending on the language setting of the recipient's contact info.

More languages can be added if they are considered so important that somebody will pay for the translation. Competent translators are available for many European languages.

Main features
Työmyyrä ERP is currently ready to handle all operational needs - stocking, selling, purchasing, managing work, handling accounts receivable and payable - of almost any type of small to medium sized companies, and with only a little tweaking, even large enterprises (who may need a "heavier" database).

The most important feature of Työmyyrä ERP is its very high automation level, which results in amazing speed and ease of use. An invoice can be produced with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks, for an existing customer and existing products.

All stock control is automatic and can be pre-set differently for each product group; to control the stock balance or not, and to generate a transaction record or not.

Products (the items to be invoiced) can be practically anything; vehicles, aircraft engines, bolts and nuts, cameras, spare parts, exchange accessories, strawberries, books, predifined work, time-based work, services... You name it!

VAT management rules can be set differently for each product group. One invoice can have items of several VAT percentages and with VAT included in the price or not.

The entry of bad data has been made pactically impossible, and entry of good data extremely fast and easy; data is defaulted from and checked against parameters or reference files.

All currency exchange rates can be updated with a click of a button.

Työmyyrä ERP is a top-modern windows app, with complete mouse support, but it is also a very old-fashioned app; we have invested a lot of efforts to make Työmyyrä ERP's keyboard support much better than average: you can actually do your normal daily work practically without touching the mouse, if you so wish. This will be an enourmous advantage to those who already have damaged their shoulder or elbow with extensive use of the mouse.

Here are some of the other main features of Työmyyrä ERP:
* Sales order management, with quotations, orders, shippers, invoices, Finvoices, reports.
* Work order management, with quotations, orders, invoices, Finvoices, reports.
* Purchasing system, with requests for quotations, orders, follow-ups, receiving.
* Accounts receivable, with automatic update from banks' incoming payment transaction files.
* Accounts payable, with output to Corporate Payments -standard outgoing payments transaction files.
* This is just a scratch of the surface in 2011. There is a lot more, and there is even more coming...
* And if there is something missing, let us know what you need, and we'll see, if it can be added to the system with reasonable costs.

Highly parameterized
Työmyyrä ERP is parameterized to the extreme. There are no variable type base data hard-coded in the program. Everything can be adjusted in different parameter settings. This means that for most users no "tayloring" is necessary. The user can taylor the program himself to his own liking. The package is useable straight from "the box".

This feature may be a bit intimidating to a new user, so we are offering our help for anybody who needs it to get the system work the way they want.
{Published} on November 1st, 2011.

System requirements
Työmyyrä ERP is Windows software. It has been developed on 64-bit Windows 7 PC-computers. It has also been tested on 32-bit Windows XP. It may work well also with Windows 2000, but if your system is older than that, it is really in your own interest to get a new system, regardless what software you choose.

Any normal display is sufficient, as long as its resolution is 800x600 or better

For normal print output an A4-size laser or inkjet printer is needed.

You will also need an internet connection, if you wish to utilize Työmyyrä ERP's emailing features, payment data transfer with banks, quick connection to your suppliers' and customers' net sites, updating of the currency rates, easy updating of the software itself etc.

Työmyyrä ERP has a specially inbuilt support for Dymo Labelwriter 450 Twin Turbo label printers. Other similar Dymo labelwriters may work also, but have not been tested. Dymo is used to print out an address label any time and anywhere there might be a need to print one.
Published on November 1st, 2011.

How much?
Työmyyrä is suitably priced for all sizes of enterprises. Even for small one-person businesses. The license price will depend on the main features needed and number of "seats", or workstations. Tell us what kind of business you are running, what you need and how many workstations you are going to use, and we'll make a quotation for a very suitable package just for you.

On the other hand, if we see, that Työmyyrä ERP is not suitable for your needs, we will say so, because we prefer to have satisfied customers.

Published on November 1st, 2011.